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Work with a mentor to polish your design portfolio, perfect your resume, practice interview skills, and get a design job.

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A six week program designed to help you bridge the gap between your design education and your first job in the creative industry.

You’ll spend six weeks working with a RookieUp mentor on a series of portfolio projects and exercises customized to your career goals. You’ll finish the program with a series of new detailed portfolio projects, a polished portfolio site, an amazing resume, and improved interviewing skills.

Who it’s for:

Aspiring Visual and UX/UI Designers

How it works:

You’ll spend the first four weeks working with a mentor on a series of portfolio projects customized to your career goals. Afterwards, you’ll spend two weeks honing your resume, practicing your interview skills, developing an action plan, and applying to jobs!

It’s perfect for you if:

  • You’ve graduated from a bootcamp or other design course and want help polishing your portfolio and actually landing a design job!
  • You’ve been learning design online and are ready to take the first steps towards launching your career!

The Get A Design Job timeline.

Week 1

You’ll complete our Career Goals exercises and meet with your new mentor over video chat for the first time. Based on your career goals and interests, you’ll work with them to identify a series of portfolio projects to work on over the next four weeks that will maximize your chances of landing a job in your target industries.

Week 2-3

You’ll start working on your projects (using our step-by-step Project Frameworks, our monthly real client projects, or creating your own projects from scratch using our other detailed frameworks), receiving ongoing feedback from your mentor. Every week, you’ll upload 2-3 drafts of your current project for written feedback from your mentor, and you’ll finish each week with a video chat to review progress and discuss next steps.

Week 4

You’ll work with your mentor to start polishing your portfolio site, including how to structure the site itself and how to showcase your new projects beautifully. You’ll also find 5 jobs you want to apply to at the end of the bootcamp.

Week 5

You’ll work with your mentor to review the jobs you’ll be applying to, and based on those jobs, you’ll create a unique elevator pitch, discuss final changes for your portfolio site, and discuss how to hone your resume and cover letters.

Week 6

You’ll make final changes to your portfolio, resume, and cover letters, and then apply to the jobs! Afterwards, you’ll meet with your mentor for a mock interview where you’ll learn how to talk about your process and projects and get a deeper understanding for the questions you’ll be asked in real interviews.

You’ll finish with:

•  Comprehensive projects based on your goals

•  A polished portfolio website

•  A laser-focused elevator pitch and resume

•  Improved interviewing skills and a list of jobs you’ve successfully applied to!

Here’s everything you’ll get:


You’ll work with your mentor to choose projects based on your career goals. You’ll have 5+ hours of video chats with them, while also receiving 12+ rounds of written feedback on your projects.


You’ll get permanent access to 30+ step-by-step project frameworks, built with the help of industry recruiters, that guide you through the process of creating comprehensive portfolio projects customized to you.


Our curated curriculum includes 100’s of hours of design courses from the best places on the web to help you build your skills in areas like Branding, Job Hunting, Visual and UX/UI Design, and more.

Guides and Exercises

Our structured career prep exercises and resources will help you outline your goals, create an action plan, and take huge steps towards landing your dream job.

And more!

Access to tons of other resources like portfolio site frameworks, job search resources, exclusive perks from partners like Sketch, an invite to our private Facebook group, and more!

RookieUp projects
are different.

Our project frameworks were designed with the help of designers and recruiters from across the creative industry. Rather than assign the same one-size-fits-all projects and mini challenges to everyone, our frameworks guide you step-by-step as you work on unique projects based on real problems that match your industry and career interests. And if you already have ideas for projects you’d like to work on, you can! By the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio full of comprehensive projects that are customized to you and you alone.

Real client projects

Employers love to see real client work in portfolios because it shows that you can work under real world constraints. So every month, we partner with amazing nonprofits and startups who have real design projects you can work on with them.

Project frameworks

Our 30+ step-by-step frameworks are the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere and focus on the types of work, from App Design to Web Design to Branding + Identity, that employers want to see in junior and mid-level portfolios (trust us, we asked).

Other frameworks

You’ll get access to all of our other frameworks, from a guide to building your portfolio site and personal branding, to a step-by-step side project launch plan, to resources and creative briefs you can use to find your own clients!

What our students are saying

Being a beginner with zero experience in the industry, to be able to discuss my career goals with an experienced designer like Phil was really insightful. It kind of solidified and confirmed to myself that I’m on the right track.


Aspiring Visual Designer

Sydney was great. During our conversations, she was very focused on giving me actionable ways to refine my career goals and help me improve my portfolio.


Aspiring Graphic Designer

I have spoken with multiple design mentors via different programs. My RookieUp mentor offered tremendous support and his suggestions were always spot on. The bootcamp was a terrific experience. Finally, my portfolio is ready for the job search!


UX/UI Designer

Launch your career for only $1182.

For Visual Design

For UX / UI Design

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