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Find Photography mentors in our curated community of award-winning Photographers.

Find Photography Mentors

Find Motion Graphics mentors in our curated community of award-winning Motions Graphics Designers.

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  • Rab is a designer and photographer from Scotland, UK who has over 6 years experience working as a web designer and freelance photographer.
    Rab Fyfe
    Design Team Lead, CitiNOW
    Can help with: Technical questions, freelancing tips + getting clients, industry + career guidance
    Price: $40+
  • John is a designer, photographer, and entrepreneur who has spent the last 14 years working as a freelancer, in-house designer, and entrepreneur.
    John Shaver
    Founder, Design Panoply
    Can help with: Photoshop and Illustrator basics, Photography post-processing in Lightroom, design and photography business, becoming successful as a freelancer
    Price: $60+
  • Francesca is a cross-disciplinary Photographer, Product Designer, and Art Director living in Berlin and working for Outfittery.
    Francesca Gilibert
    Senior Product Designer, Outfittery
    Can help with: UX + Product Design fundamentals, career questions, portfolio critiques, technical questions
    Price: $40+
  • Tim is an independent Photographer who began his creative journey 8 years ago and has gne on to do work for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and Apple.
    Tim Landis
    Freelance Photographer
    Can help with: Preparing, composing, editing, portfolio critiques, getting clients, building your brand, industry + career guidance, Photography fundamentals
    Price: $40+
  • Maria is a freelance photographer who has toured with DJ’s like Skrillex and A-Trak, in addition to working closely with brands like Red Bull and Vice.
    Maria Jose Govea
    Freelance Photographer
    Can help with: Portfolio reviews, freelance tips, getting into the music scene, photography fundamentals, social media strategy
    Price: $50+
  • Heath is an Art Director and UX designer with over 20 years of experience in the creative world working for clients like Audible and Vogue.
    Heath Brockwell
    Art Director and UX Designer,
    Can help with: Design and UX fundamentals, portfolio reviews, career guidance + advancing at work, industry insight
    Price: $30+
  • Cody is a Photographer and Designer who runs a creative studio in NYC, doing work for clients like Sweetgreen and Make Studio.
    Cody Min
    Photographer and Owner, Astronaut Monastery
    Can help with: technical questions (photoshop, etc.), portfolio critiques, freelance tips, digital photography fundamentals
    Price: $30+
  • Christian is a Photographer and Designer who has worked as a full-time freelancer, in-house, and at agencies and now runs his own studio.
    Christian Rudman
    Photographer and Owner, Kindred Fold
    Can help with: Freelance tips, starting a studio, branding and marketing, technical questions, portfolio critiques, photography fundamentals, film photography
    Price: $40+


Having trouble finding the perfect mentor? Let us know! We’ll help you find them.

Having trouble finding the perfect mentor? Let us know! We’ll help you find them.

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