Everything you need to launch
your front-end coding career.

We created our Front-End Starter Kit to give anyone the tools they need to learn front-end web development and launch their career. With a curated curriculum of amazing front-end coding courses, dozens of projects, and tons of perks and resources, it has everything you need to hone your front-end skills and launch your career.

Ready to launch your front-end coding career?

The Front-End Starter Kit is designed for anyone who wants to learn front-end web development but isn’t sure where to begin. You’ll get a curated curriculum of courses to help you learn the basics, over 30 projects and step-by-step frameworks to teach you how to work through a coding project from start to finish, discounted access to mentors, and much more.

The Front-End Starter Kit will help you…

• Start to learn the basics of front-end web development, from the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to understanding API’s.

• Come up with ideas for projects you can code with your current skills and follow the right process to work through each project from start to finish.

• Apply design principles and user-centered design thinking to your code so your projects will amaze potential employers and clients.

• Hone your current skills and build an amazing portfolio that will get you noticed by employers and closer to landing your dream job in web development.

You’ll get permanent access to our growing library of front-end coding resources.

Curated Curriculum

We’ve curated 100’s of hours of self-paced courses from across the web to help you learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and more.

Discounted Mentorship

You’ll get 25% off RookieUp on-demand mentor sessions, so you can chat with any of our amazing mentors anytime you need a bit of advice or feedback.

Guides & Exercises

We’ve created resources, guides, and action plans focused on helping you polish your portfolio site, improve your interviewing skills, find clients, and land your dream job.

Perks from Partners

You’ll get extended free access to the tools you need to build your portfolio, from services like Skillshare, Sketch, Postico, Balsamiq, and more.

RookieUp Design Resources

You’ll get dozens of UX/UI design resources and step-by-step projects to help you learn to apply user-centered design thinking to your projects.

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And over 30 front-end
portfolio projects

We created our 5 step-by-step frameworks to teach you how to create amazing projects at every stage of your coding education. You’ll also get 29 project briefs covering the types of projects you’ll work on as a junior developer. They’ll help you go from an idea to a fully-built project you can showcase in your portfolio. You’ll get…

  • Static Website Design with HTML & CSS
  • Integrating a CMS and Templating
  • Heightening Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Integrating with JavaScript API’s
  • SPAs and Front-End Frameworks

And nearly 30 project briefs!

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5 Project Frameworks

Our 5 step-by-step project frameworks are the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere and are the perfect companion to help you work through any type of front-end project, from a basic static website to a single page web app that uses a front-end framework like Bootstrap.

29 Project Briefs

Want help coming up with amazing projects to work on? Our 29 detailed project briefs will help you jumpstart your creative process and build everything from an ecommerce website to a complex data visualization.

25 Design Projects

You’ll also get dozens of step-by-step design projects which will take you through the design process of researching and wireframing your projects so they look amazing on every device.

You’ll finish with:

• A set of comprehensive portfolio projects based on your career goals

• A deeper understanding of front-end languages, frameworks, and technologies

• Ongoing support from our private community of mentors and designers

• Permanent access to our growing front-end resource library

Want more details? Get the full list of projects and resources ›

What our students are saying

I bought the Portfolio Starter Kit and it blew my mind how well thought-out and structured it is! Exactly what I’ve been looking for.


Aspiring Product Designer

Hats off to you guys for providing this great service! It’s the most affordable and sensible option I’ve come across to get personal feedback and build my portfolio.


Aspiring Visual Designer

RookieUp is just what I was looking for and is incredibly valuable as I pave this new career path. RookieUp is awesome!


UX/UI Designer

I bought the Starter Kit and was amazed to see how much was packed into it for just $49. Such an amazing value!


Aspiring Web Designer

The Portfolio Starter Kit that RookieUp has built is a foundation for students to create incredible portfolio projects. Students will come out with competitive portfolios that will set them apart from other designers at similar levels.


Recruitment Manager, Creative Circle

Ready to launch your front-end career?

Get permanent access to the full Front-End Starter Kit for just $49.

*The RookieUp Guarantee*

We think you’ll love the Portfolio Starter Kit, but if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a 100% refund within 30 days. No questions asked.

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