Our Partners and Student Perks

We’re proud to be partnered with some of the leading companies in the design, web development, and freelancing industries. We partner with brands that provide tools to help aspiring creatives in every stage of their careers. RookieUp students get access to exclusive perks and discounts from all of our partners.


What is it: Skillshare is an online learning community for creatives that hosts amazing courses covering topics ranging from Visual Design to Freelancing to Lettering and beyond!

RookieUp students get: As a RookieUp student, you get two free months of Skillshare so you can complete all of the curated course tracks we’ve created in partnership with Skillshare without paying a dime!

Check it out: www.skillshare.com


What is it: Sketch is an innovative prototyping tool that features an intuitive interface and powerful plugins built by a community of developers.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students get an exclusive 90 day free trial to Sketch.

Check it out: www.sketchapp.com


What is it:  Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that lets you quickly produce mockups and wireframes for mobile and web design projects in much the same way that you’d create wireframes using a whiteboard.

RookieUp students get:  RookieUp students get a completely free license to use Balsamiq, which normally costs $9/month.

Check it out: www.balsamiq.com


What is it: AND CO is a freelancing app that helps you run your business more effectively. They offer industry-standard contracts, seamless time-tracking, beautiful invoices with multiple payment options, and more. Review here.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students get a completely free AND CO account, normally valued at $16 / month.

Check it out: www.and.co


What is it: Porkbun is the owner of the .design top level domain name. With a passion for all things internet, the Porkbun team has come together to create an effortless website naming system for the creative professionals and businesses of the world.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students get a free .design domain name for one year, as well as one year of free email hosting and a free Weebly website builder account (as well as free WHOIS privacy and SSL certificate).

Check it out: www.porkbun.com

InMotion Hosting

What is it: InMotion Hosting is a top rated web hosting company offering Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

RookieUp students get:  RookieUp students get over 50% off hosting plans on InMotion.

Check it out: www.inmotionhosting.com

Logo Wave Awards

What is it: Lovo Wave is an online logo design awards site where you can submit your logo designs for a chance to win $1000, a crystal trophy, and the priceless opportunity to call yourself an “awarded designer.” Each contest is judged by acclaimed designers from across the design industry.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students can save 15% off the logo submission price for any contest on Logo Wave.

Check it out: www.mylogowave.com


What is it: Figma is the first interface design tool with real-time collaboration. It keeps everyone on the same page so you can create beautiful designs and prototypes and be instantly synced with your entire team.

RookieUp students get:  RookieUp students get a free starter account on Figma.

Check it out: www.figma.com

Interaction Design

What is it: The Interaction Design Foundation is a global independent nonprofit initiative with one goal: to raise the level of global design education through an incredible curriculum of UX Design courses and an amazing community of designers around the world.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students get 3 free months of access to Interaction Design’s massive course curriculum.

Check it out: www.interaction-design.org


What is it: Flinto is a Mac app that lets designers instantly create interactive and animated prototypes of their app designs.

RookieUp students get: RookieUp students get 50% off their purchase of Flinto.

Check it out: www.flinto.com


What is it: Sharpen.design is a design challenge idea generation tool. Built by two self-taught designer friends, one in startups and the other at Google, Sharpen.design is the best way to find practice design prompts to challenge yourself with (1,000,000 and growing).

Why we love it: RookieUp teaches you to come up with your own project ideas, but sometimes you just need a bit of extra inspiration, which Sharpen.design provides in spades!

Check it out: sharpen.design

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